Join the Crosswalk Media trucking fleet and start getting paid monthly to dramatically increase your your end profit margins.

Advertise with Crosswalk and grow your business with highly profitable, recurring cash flow
We install beautiful advertisements on the exterior of your box trucks whenever they aren’t in service and pay you at the end of each month.
We find value in the routes you already drive, meaning we’ll never disrupt your existing operations and you'll earn more for simply driving.

"Working with Crosswalk has been a blessing in this environment. My three trucks generated $20k in extra profits last year, helping me pay my employees more and cover higher fuel costs." - Jose R.

Trucks accepted into our network typically share the following characteristics

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Well Maintained

Exterior of the box is free of major damage to the advertising surface

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Operate consistent, predictable routes or service similar areas daily

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Highly Active

Running for at least 45 hours per week between 7AM - 8PM

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Payment Ready

Able to accept payment via direct deposit at the end of each month

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have invested significant time and money into your truck. We can maximize the value of your investment.

What is required for onboarding?

First, we review photos of your truck to verify its damage free condition. Then, we coordinate a time for a Crosswalk representative to perform a site visit to take measurements of your truck and install a GPS device to monitor its location and activity. If you already have a GPS device installed, we walk through an integration process so we can perform our review remotely.

Do I keep the GPS installed at all times?

Yes, in order to participate in campaigns and receive payments from Crosswalk, your trucks are required to have a live GPS connection.

How much do I get paid?

During the onboarding process, Crosswalk will provide you with a monthly rate that varies between $350 - $700 per truck depending on size, location and activity level. Partners get paid via direct deposit at the end of each month when trucks are participating in a live advertising campaign.

Can I decide what ads go on my truck?

Yes. Our team will send you a copy of the advertisement for approval.

How does installation work?

A Crosswalk representative will coordinate directly with you to find a time when the truck is not in service (typically evenings or weekends) for one of our professionally certified installers to come by your facility, or, just drop the truck off at one of our nearby garages. Installation takes 3 to 4 hours.

How long are the ads on my truck?

On average, Crosswalk campaigns last 6 months, but durations can last between 2 months and 12 months depending on the needs of our advertisers. Whenever we remove an ad, we do our best to make sure we are installing a new one at the same time.

Can the vinyl wraps damage my trucks?

No, we use premium 3M and Avery Dennison vinyls that protect the surface of your truck when applied and can be easily removed to leave your truck looking exactly as it did before.