Our fleet of high impact, large format delivery trucks make dozens of 10+ minute daily stops in front of high traffic locations.

Driving Growth for Brands

A different approach to outdoor advertising. Crosswalk allows brands to meet their audience where they exist in real life.

Predictable coverage and campaign performance

Massive canvas for creative advertising display

Lowest CPM of any ad channel on the market

24/7 GPS tracking and 100% share of voice

Dashboard to track reachdemographics

Post-exposure conversion tracking & retargeting

Measurement & omnichannel attribution capabilities

Location Data

Crosswalk sends real time GPS data from its trucks via API to a third-party measurement and attribution partner

Determining Visibility

Accounting for ad size, speed, and time of day, a geofence representing the ad's viewable radius is calculated


As the truck moves, its GPS data is cross-referenced against a database of 160M+ anonymized mobile IDs


Crosswalk tracks total conversions via exposed IDs that end up visiting a brand’s website, app or retail location